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Implementing Tivoli Storage Manager is just one aspect of the Disaster Recovery and High Availability solutions that The Riley Group has to offer our customers.

The Riley Group offers solutions from IBM and third party vendors as well as our own disaster recovery solution. TRG has a hot site machine that customers can run off of in case of disaster. We have affordable monthly payment plans for this protection that run about one third of what other providers charge.

IBM’s Backup Recovery and Media Services (BRMS) for i software is another product The Riley Group has extensive expertise in. This product has additional options for Power System backup management beyond the normal built in backup procedures.

The Riley Group can also work with you on other solutions for data recovery and high availability data replication including iTera and MIMIX products from Vision Solutions.

Vision Solutions

IBM also offers great solutions for the Power platform in their IBM PowerHA SystemMirror line of products.

PowerHA SystemMirror Products